Unnatural Selection is a weekly comedy podcast about newsy type stuff and things hosted by Adam Direen, Tom Heath and Jorge Tsipos. The trio met during their Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University in 2009 and became fast friends. They began the first iteration of the Unnatural Selection podcast as a live weekly talk-show for Radio Monash in 2010 and quickly shot to stardom. Then they realised they could record in their pyjamas on their own time if they did a podcast instead. So they did that.

Their work together includes numerous video productions, the writing and production of multiple plays, sketches, live shows and performance events. The show maintains a strongly irreverent political voice and isn't afraid to shirk away from the big issues. If you want a comedy show with some bite then you've definitely come to the right place. 

Jorge Tsipos

Jorge Tsipos

Jorge Tsipos is a graduate of Monash's Bachelor of Performing Arts and has worked in numerous performance projects on stage for over a decade including Oliver, As You Like It, Hamlet, Hamletmachine, Macbeth, It's On Me, The Pharmacist, Krakatoa Sunset and Strengths & Weaknesses. He has also worked professionally in supporting roles in film, television and commercials. 

You can see him in a film set in the Star Wars universe The Old Republic: Rescue Mission, which had a successful crowdfunding campaign and has debuted on multiple internet platforms to wide critical and popular success. It can be viewed here.

He is a writer, performer and podcaster and will persist doing all of these things until one of them eventually earns him enough money to live.

He hopes you like the talk show. And nothing else.

Twitter: @JorgeTsipos

Website: jorgetsipos.com


Tom Heath

Tom Heath


Tom Heath is an actor, film critic and self-proclaimed journalist of all things geek. Though he ain’t only just saying that! He has a Bachelors in Performing Arts from Monash University and holds a Graduate Diploma of Journalism from RMIT; so he has all the paperwork he needs in order to say: “Quiet you, I have CREDENTIALS!”

When Tom isn’t actor-ing, journalist-ing or hosting a podcast, he’s usually rockin’ on his ukulele, smashing through his video games pile-of-shame and visiting the cinema at least once a week. It’s a tough life for Old Tom. But he does it all for you! So check out his film reviews here, his journalism ventures here and follow him on Twitter: @tomdheath.

Adam Direen

Adam Direen

A graduate of Monash University, Adam holds an Honours Degree of a Bachelor of Performing Arts and has also successfully completed the one year NIDA Open course “The Actors Studio.”  These fancy pieces of paper qualify him to live in poverty for the rest of time while he re-evaluates his life choices.  Originally hailing from Tasmania, Adam’s second head was removed at birth. After someone joked that he was possibly talented at performing, he decided it would be a great idea to move to Melbourne in order to pursue this vague yet enticing dream. 

Over the last number of years, he has had the chance to become versed in a variety of artistic skills, which the average bogan outside Flinders Street Station would probably describe as “art wank”.  His honours year at Monash investigated the writing and possible staging of the spy thriller genre as a drama in contemporary theatre, culminating in the partial staging of an original, full length play text.  This will probably never be staged fully because it was terrible. 

Adam has performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival with collaborator Jorge Tsipos with whom he has also co-written and performed the original work Strengths & Weaknesses

Ever the optimist, he has completed his Masters Degree in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne in some abstract hope at one day making a living out of the arts.