Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Okay, guys, it's my first day but does anyone else think that this Malaysia Airlines situation is more than just a little bit fucked? I understand, a plane goes missing, it's scary. We've all taken flights. That could've been you, etc, etc. But I honestly think the constant Sherlock-Holmes-esque 24 hours coverage is actually not helping anyone. 

Believe it or not, the families that have been forced to endure this unexpected tragedy are not actually being helped along the grieving process with around-the-clock speculation. That doesn't help them. Having interminable idiots on TV spouting all sorts of nonsense couldn't possibly be helping them. It doesn't help find the plane faster - it's not like it actually contributes anything in any discernible way.

The Onion, amazing as ever.

The Onion, amazing as ever.

There's an argument for the public interest - it is a grabbing, mysterious story after all. And that would be a valid argument... for the first and final report. But I think the age of 24 hour cable networks combined with the blogosphere and the twitter and the facebook have created so many mind-mouths to feed consistent 'content' to that this story has become an MC Escher style never-ending feedback loop that just feeds on itself and grows bigger and bigger and more mosterous and monstrous by the hour.

In my opinion, there isn't shit to report until there's shit to report. Let me know when you've found it and lets put this thing to bed. I don't want to hear about potential rubble or radar blips or theories. News organisations should only feel free to publish shit when something is actually backed up by facts. Otherwise they are welcome to start blogs that I can ignore.

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