America, Your Constitution is Dumb (The Argument for Rationalism)

You heard me.

Your constitution is dumb and you're dumb for liking it. I mean, forget all the awful pop music and American tourists in jandels that you've saturated the world with: deal with your goddamn constitution. Specifically the 2nd amendment. Love the first amendment. Great stuff. Freedom of speech. Aces ten. But the sequel, not so much. Never have I hated a sequel as much as the 2nd amendment. 

I could go into wild perambulations as to how the exact language of the second amendment would actually refer to some sort of organized, National-Guard-esqe type movement, rather than every man and his dog is issued an AK47 and a pocketful of grenades, but I'm not going to do that, because better thinkers than I have tried and (abjectly) failed in this regard. Clearly this is not an area where logic prevails.

No, I'm taking a more direct route. Your constitution is dumb. It's a dumb collection of ink on a piece of paper sitting in a dumb museum somewhere, gathering dumb dust. Here's the thing; you can just ignore it. It's a piece of paper. It's not God. If you anger the constitution you won't have to sacrifice a single virgin. I guarantee it. It's a thing you can change.

Why do we as humans have this overwhelming desire to prioritize and give credence to old documents with "ancient wisdom" and sometimes pure magic ascribed to them? It's not rational. There is no need to live your life by the rules that a group of ignorant MEN decided on several hundred (if not thousand) years ago. They may have been progressive for that time, but given the entire, barbaric scope of human history that's really saying fuck all. They had slaves that they fucked - they may not have a firm grasp on a contemporary moral compass.

Too true

Too true

I'm constantly astonished at the almost hilarious rapidity with which people are willing to buy into "Ancient Wisdom" with real, actual, human dollars. Swishing some oil in your mouth to cure cancer? They did it in India in the year 3AD? Seems legit. I'll purchase five gallons please. Tin foil hats to keep the Thetans away? I'll take a dozen.

There's a word for ancient, alternative medicine that works: medicine. That's the point of the scientific method and thinking critically - when new, evidence based ideas come into the fold they are incorporated and are laid over the top of existing ideas. That's the whole point. It gets better and grows and advances - just like society does. It says in some ancient books that the best way to cure tuberculosis was to drain blood with leeches. We don't do that anymore, because it's dumb. Even if someone wrote it down ages ago.

The things that allow a society to function today will inevitably not be the same things that will do so a millennia from now. They can't be. We can never know what the future holds. That's why we have laws and lawmakers that are constantly changing and upgrading them. If a static document was all that was needed for the rest of time then we would have no need for any politicians - a tantalizing, if sadly unrealistic, prospect.

Just because someone wrote something down doesn't mean it's true, or right or even worth looking at - THEY'RE JUST WORDS. And if we as humans are stupid enough to believe everything we read then don't worry about it, because we're already doomed.

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