187: Freak Out!

Jorge Tsipos, Adam Direen and Tom Heath take another adventure into the absurd with another weekly episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast. Every seven (or so, the details are extreemely sketchy) days the Unnatural Selection boys take it upon them selves to churn up a warm slew of news and current affairs goodness and they pour it into a blender for a solid fourty-five minutes and then re-gurgitate the comedy, info-tainment goodness into your warm, keen ears for your brain-joyment.

On today's episode we discuss:

Adam's bucks night story

- Man puts 911 operator on hold to buy drugs

-Study figures out why people comit 'evil' acts

- Now we know who Jack the Ripper is. It was a Polish immigrant... Poland...

- iPhone 6/U2 controversy

- Destiny is a game like Halo by the people who made Halo and we're still excited.
- Oscar Pistorious not guilty of murder, but guilty of other stuff

- Funny Songs

- Iraq and Shit and terror level

And those are all the things we've discussed, with absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.  

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