Different People Like Different Things (And That's Okay)

Since the announcement and release of the iPhone 6 I've been seeing a lot of annoying shit in my Facebook feed. Lots of comments like 'Oh dude, Android's had this feature for one thousand years, before phones had even been conceptualised' and 'Oh you iSheep with your iDildos and your iCumshots, you're so dumb.' Seeing the seemingly unending cascade (nay avalanche) of fanboy bullshit-flamewar-nonsense made me think of something: who cares?

But actually, who cares? If you don't like a thing, avoid that thing. Why do you care if someone likes a phone that is clearly inferior and less customisable than yours? If anything you should be stoked – it means there won't be lines around the block next time you get your Samsung phone or whatever. It's actually a benefit to you.

I find it incredibly disconcerting that people take seemingly infinite portions of time to argue for or against the efficacy of a particular phone or gaming console or computer. At the end of the day people like what they like, and you aren't going to change their mind by leaving shitty comments on a Huffington Post article. That is not where people go to have their hearts and minds changed – that is exclusively the realm of TED Talks. Or whatever.

The fact is I like my iPhone – it works with my Mac and everything. I don't need to worry. I plug things into other things and everything just... works. Everyone’s got the same charger for all the different things. It's idiotproof - and that's what I like about it. If my mum needs some help with her phone, I can easily pick it up and know exactly where I'm going and what I'm doing. I could just as easily see myself liking a Samsung, or a HTC or whatever. I haven't sworn unending fealty to Apple and the second I like something else better there's a chance I'll ditch them altogether. That's the nature of things. In fact, I'm sure of it.

I concede the fact that Apple has this reputation as 'innovators' which has most sincerely not been earned – but what they do very well is they know how to package. They know how to take tech that's been around for a few years and make it sexy, make it user-friendly. In this regard they have truly succeeded. Only several years after the introduction of the iPhone have real competitors emerged in the Western consciousness, and that's because Apple has something that very few tech companies have (or can retain for very long) and that's street cred.

I don't personally see apple fanboys going after Android users, but I'm sure it must happen – and I get they the fandom could be irritating to some people. I get it. You know what, that makes total sense. But just because you can't derive joy out of something that other people do doesn't mean you need to deprive them of it. Lots of people believe in gods and diets and achupuncture – we don't disabuse them of those notions – despite the potential for harm being very real. So, in conclusion, different people like different things: and that's okay. Back away from the keyboard, sir.

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