Eric Abetz Just Sat on a Tac

In a recent turn of events it appears Eric Abetz, Australia's Minister for Employment has sat on a tac and is trying not to let on.

The Liberal Senator for Tasmania let out a sharp cry as he sat on his chair in parliament this morning. The tac had presumably been placed by one of the government's detractors - as a response to the proposed higher education reforms championed by Minister for Education, and human Chucky Doll, Christopher Pyne.

'Why, Eric?' he pondered - sources say. 'It's not even my portfolio.' he added, before crying himself to sleep. Future former Prime-Minister Tony Abbott declared the incident a 'blatantly partisan' attack and proceeded to do all the wrong things in a row, as is tradition.

More on this story never. 

This article was written on purpose by Jorge Tsipos. Follow him on twitter @JorgeTsipos and listen to his weekly comedy podcast Unnatural Selection for things that are not like this.