We Gain Unprecedented Access to the Saudi Human Rights Office

Here at Unnatural Selection we believe in fair and balanced reporting. As a result we have lobbied for - and been granted - some exclusive and unprecedented access to the Saudi Human Rights Office. We don't just believe in reporting on one side of the story; the numerous allegations of torture and routine violence and abuse by Saudi Officials over what almost all people would consider trivial crimes are a part of the story, yes. But what about the people that work to bring these people to justice?

Here they investigate and prosecute public officials for corruption, torture and other acts of violence on it's citizens. 

Here, as you can see below, is an anonymous complaint's box which people of any gender or ethnicity can place a piece of paper into that provides tip-offs to the officials. These are very often followed up and regularly end up in prosecutions and justice for all. The box is regularly monitored and the confidentiality of its contributors is guarded extremely closely. 

Here we have the offices where most of the work is done. Dozens of people work around the clock to investigate and fact-check complaints. The bureau also has a website and call-centre running at all hours of the day to ensure that all possible complaints are addressed and taken seriously. References to counselling services and emotional support are available upon request and all phone operators are trained with sensitivity of the victims in mind.

Finally we have the prison where numerous people have jailed for their crimes against humanity. From people murdering bloggers to cutting off hands and giving brutal lashings to those that question the state: here is where they all end up.

This article was written, on purpose, by Jorge Tsipos. Follow him on twitter @JorgeTsipos. Or don't. He's basically given up on everything anyway.