299: That Time Jorge Nearly Forgot To Post The Episode

"My bad."

On this week's episode of Unnatural Selection we discuss:

  • How Aussie of a podcast we are.
  • India cancels a bunch of currency overnight and completely shits on the economy.
  • Let's go cashless overnight: turns out nah.
  • ABCC bill passes the Senate and the LNP parties like it's 1899.
  • New York thief walks off with a bucket of gold worth $1.6mil.
  • Human Rights Commission rejects David Leyonhjelm's frivolous claim because it's frivolous. He's not happy.
  • Trumpgret. How did they all not see it coming.
  • Italy's referendum - Love me some gridlock! Renzi resigns.
  • NZ PM John Key resigns.

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