266: Johnny Depp's Hostage Video

Jorge Tsipos, Adam Direen and Tom Heath take another adventure into the absurd with another weekly episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast. Every seven (or so, the details are extremely sketchy) days the Unnatural Selection boys take it upon themselves to churn up a warm slew of news and current affairs goodness and they pour it into a blender for a solid forty-five minutes and then regurgitate the comedy, infotainment goodness into your warm, keen ears for your brain-joyment.

On today's episode we discuss:

  • The 60 Minutes Lebanon Kidnapping Fiasco.
  • Falafel is awful.
  • Talk to a random Swede.
  • Hungry Australian cow triggers emergency beacon.
  • The Great Emu War is still a thing that happened.
  • Porn site protests North Carolina's bathroom law.
  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster conducts is first legal wedding.
  • T-shirt at a Donald Trump rally is fucking disgusting.
  • Darlinghurst dump sells for $1.4m.
  • The fucking skyrail is a good fucking idea and fuck your house prices.
  • Johnny Depp's hostage video.
  • First medicinal cannabis farm opens in NSW.

And those are all the things we've discussed, with absolutely no exceptions whatsoever

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