303: So It's 2017

On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast the boys discuss:

  • 2016 is finally over.
  • No celebrities are allowed to die now.
  • Monster Trucks and other pieces of High Art.
  • We're scared of the first piece of bad news.
  • La La Land will crush your damn soul.
  • Ryan Gosling might be bad at other stuff.
  • Christmas in retail is complete garbage.
  • The electoral college and hilarious liberal handwringing.
  • Rex Tillerson and his 'foreign policy experience'.
  • Donald Trump wants the US to expand nuclear capabilities. Not sure if he knows the US has a bunch of nukes already.
  • Gold Plate.
  • Russia 100% hacked the DNC to benefit Trump. Trump doesn't buy it.
  • Putin neglects to retaliate against Obama pulling diplomats from Russia to buddy up with Trump.

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