309: ClusterTrump

On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast the boys discuss:

  • Australia Post's CEO's comp package is... impressive.

  • Donald Trump is 100% not mentally ill...

  • This 'so-called judge'.

  • Cory Bernardi is having a great first week.

  • @AUConservatives? Or @AU_Conservatives?


  • Let's make homelessness illegal! Problem solved!

  • The Chinese government has opinions about how late you should be gaming.

  • Apparently you couldn’t buy gaming consoles in China till lately.

  • Samsung batteries catch fire in South Korean factory.

  • The NBN ceo has made Tom very angry. Give us a gigabit connection and we’ll bring it to its goddamn knees.

  • The entire future is built on faster internet.

  • Malcolm Turnbull’s spray against Bill Shorten.

  • Were wind turbines responsible for the SA blackouts? Depends on which media you read.

  • I’d forgotten about Clive Palmer! Weird message to Cory Bernardi.


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