307: Executive Orders Are Fun!

On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast the boys discuss:

  • Jorge was late.

  • Adam, out of boredom, develops a gambling habit.

  • First Question = Donald Trump.

  • Trump’s first week in office: a hell of a lot of bullshit.

  • Jorge’s Trump impression is… passable.

  • Trump dumps the TPP - he has no idea what it is.

  • Do the GOP have a replacement for the ACA? Fuck no.

  • Executive Orders - just fun rules!

  • The problems with religion.

  • Muslims shouldn’t have to apologise for other people’s actions.

  • Not having the solution is scary - that’s what makes Trump happen.

  • Federal court slaps down Trump’s immigration ban.

  • Trade is good - unless it’s bad for you.

  • People are people and people are garbage.

  • Multiculturalism has failed?

  • Change the date protests on Australia Day + Malcolm Roberts’ insane rant.

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