On this week's episode of the Unnatural Selection Podcast the boys discuss:

  • Jorge gets off his high horse.
  • The panda is no longer endangered?
  • Malcolm "The Data Has Been Corrupted" Roberts corrupts his own Twitter poll data.
  • Tom knows Morning Joe and Jorge is so proud. He's still disappointed in Adam. Consistently.
  • George Soros must be handing out a lot of cheques.
  • Mitch is a good guy and now it's weird.
  • Slacktivism, clicktivism and Doesn't-give-a-shit-stivism.
  • LBJ and his big dick. How presidents have changed.
  • "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" accountability survey is... slightly biased. 
  • Adam doesn't get Simpsons - but he's got plenty of Mormon propaganda for you! In verse!
  • Adam always forgets the milk.
  • Michael Flynn gets dumped as key adviser to the president.
  • CNN alleges multiple people in the Trump campaign were in 'constant contact' with Russian intelligence.
  • John McCain really must not be able to believe that Trump got elected and he didn't.

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